Winery - Almond Farm - Alpujarras, Andalucia Spain

Sierra Nevada, 3482 Meters of Elevation in the background
Red Wine made Natural with no added Chemicals or Removed

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The wine production.
  • The vineyards cover around 4 hectares with roughly 10.000 grapevines but we have a license for 12.000.
  • The grape distribution is roughly 42% Chardonnay, 16%  Syrah and 42% Tempranillo.
  • When the grapevines have reached their full potential after 7-10 years (average 4,5  years old mid-2017) the yield would be around 30000 – 35000 bottles a year. 
    • Potential turnover for us is based on what other wineries in the area sell Organic Natural made Red Wine for, around 7 Euro/Bottle. Handmade Chardonnay would be around 4-5 Euro/bottle. 
  • The grapes are hand-picked and only the best grapes will make it to the VAT´s.
  • The grapes are measured thoroughly for Sugar and acid levels.
  • Harvested when all values are as near as perfect as possible, no chemicals are needed for the red wine. Only small wineries like us are able to do that.
  • So - we produce Natural made red wine as it was made in the old days in the better wineries. Not even yeast is added as the grapes contain natural yeast.  

Almond, fig and olive plantations.  All can be Outsourced if you want.
  • The 1533 almond trees are a mix of (Marcona and Comuna; a mix of other varieties and resold as these two). They can produce around 5 ton of almonds in a good year.
  • The 138 fig trees produce around 200kg a year.
  • The 37 olive oil trees are basically for personal use only, but produce great tasting olive oil.

  • The farm is located on the south side of mighty Sierra Nevada (3482 meters) at 1050 meters above sea level that makes it possible to make quality wine as it's made in northern Spain. This is one of the last recognized wine regions in Spain; Vino de Granada.
  • It is sponsored by Junta de Andalucia and they have made it to a guided area to Bodegas in the Alpujarras with signs RUTA DEL VINO. And just 30-40 minutes from the beach.

The farm building, 2 stories, 260m2, renovated 2010.
  • Winery - Bodega with locker room, office, and storage. Refurbished in June 2018, following all the regulations.    
  • The capacity of Vat's, holding tanks, barrels, around 11.000L, with additional VATs around 20.000L
  • Machine room for chainsaws and other big tools.
  • Workshop.
  • Top floor has a two bedroom apartment for guests or farm helpers (e.g. Helpx)

The main house built 2010.
  • 2 stories of a total 300m2 living area + 40m2 for a future wine cellar.
  • Top floor has an open plan layout with kitchen, dining, powder room and lounge.
  • Master bedroom with ensuite and walk-in closet
  • Big terrace with a big wood burner barbecue and outdoor kitchen.
  • Water deposit/Swimming pool.
  • Second terrace reachable from the kitchen.
  • Bottom floor has an entertainment room with home cinema with a projector and a bar.
  • Guest bedroom and bathroom.
  • Mudroom and laundry all in one.
  • Small room that can be used as a spare bedroom or gym etc.
  • Utility room which holds the distribution of underfloor heating for the whole house and the hub for Internet/Data Storage.
  • 40m2 unfinished space but ready for an additional wine cellar for the bodega, for holding tanks, barrels and bottles

The Infrastructure built 2007-2010.
  • We bought this place for around 12 years ago and built it up from ruins with no infrastructure and brought it back to the 21 century.
  • We did all groundwork to install high voltage towers, 21KV and the last 330 meters of in-ground low voltage power, 3 phase 400/220Volt
  • We are currently installing an Off-grid solar system. (Dec 2018.)
  • Further, we have made a new access road that only makes it a 15 min drive to the closest town instead of 35 minutes.
  • Internet: WiFi received by dish antenna on the top of the property, relayed down to the main house and distributed over all buildings with Cat5e cables and WiFi. Speed: 6Mb and static IP. The upgrade is possible.
  • Irrigation systems are installed with a dam as a source. This is subject for drill a new borehole due to change of underwater streams.
  • We have mains water as well.

Included in the sale are all the machinery and tools needed to run the farm.